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Kittens - the glory of our cattery. Very beautiful, fluffy, blue-eyed, gentle, affectionate, educated and discreet - they will bring joy and excitement to your home. Those who bought Siberian Neva Masquerade kitten will always be a fan of this unique, native Russian breed of cats. Our Neva Masquerade kittens are grown in our house; they grow and develop around people in constant communion of love, affection and care. In the nursery, a lot of attention is paid to mental development, socialization, adaptation and education of kittens. From a very young age kittens are raised in a natural way. The kitten gets very important information from examining every corner, getting acquainted with new smells and feelings. Through affectionate, sociable, natural curiosity and an abundance of new impressions kittens quickly and harmoniously develop and adapt to the world around them. Kittens are happy to communicate and play with their littermates, parents, other cats of cattery and people.

We sincerely hope that our charming, affectionate and kind our kittens will find lovely hosts, will be loved and will bring joy to their new owners for many years.

The Siberian Glory Cats is known for being hypoallergenic for many people. So if you have allergies there is a good chance that you can own a Siberian. Most Siberians have a low occurrence of a glycol-protein enzyme called FEL d1 in their saliva. Most "cat Allergic" people react to the saliva that has high glycol -protein that has been transferred to the cats coat during grooming. Many people with sever cat allergies find that they can own a Siberian and have little to no allergic response to their cat. It is recommended that you test your allergies with a live Siberian, or request a fur sample to allergy test with from the parents before you buy . For the allergy sufferer there is now a very good chance, you can share you life with a Siberian.

Our cattery, located in Gatineau, QC , Canada. Just 10 minutes to drive from Ottawa, ON, Canada, offers true purebred Siberian cats for sale. All kittens are of certified Siberian parents. Our cattery is registered with TICA and is part of its "Resposible Breeder Program". We are also registered with CCA-AFC - Canadian Cat Association.

They are not sold fixed, it's a procedure done at the age of 5-8 months, which must be done by you.​ All of our cats are sold without breeding rights. During the sale, you will be signing a no-breeding sales agreement.

We require a non-refundable reservation deposit of $250. The rest must be paid before the kitten's re-homing. The purchase agreement has to be signed before adoption. We give 1 year limited warranty against Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) and Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). If we do not have any kittens available at the moment, you can ask to be placed on our waiting list. If you want to be on our waiting list you can do it by paying the deposit of $250. In this case we'll keep you in the list until a new litter is born. You'll have the right to choose a kitten when it becomes possible to do so as per the waiting list. We do public advertising only after all the people in the waiting list have made their decisions. If you change your mind you can withdraw the deposit before birth, after that it is non-refundable. However, if we can't fulfill your request, for example, all kittens are reserved by previous requests, you'll be given a possibility to choose from another litter. If you refuse to do so, your deposit will be fully refunded to you by cheque. If you want visit our cattery before making the deposit you have to pay $100 visiting fee. If you continue with the purchase the fee will be taken off the final payment as a $50 discount. Otherwise, this fee is not refundable. All the visits are strictly by appointments.