Frequently Asked Questions

Are Siberian cats hypoallergenic or non-allergenic?

Siberians are hypoallergenic, what does it mean? All felines produce protein: Fel d1 in their saliva. The purpose for this is unknown, but it is confirmed that it triggers allergenic reactions like IgG or IgE. Some research has proven that the Siberian breed has a very low level of Fel d1 in their saliva. This way, people that have an allergy to most cats, haven’t had an allergic reaction to Siberians or had a very small allergic reaction. This way, it’s impossible to guarantee if there will be an allergic reaction or not. Most people with cat allergies have said that Siberian cats were the only breed that they rose at home, and didn’t have allergic reactions with.

Could you guarantee that I won’t have an allergic reaction to Siberians? How could I test if I’m allergic?

Nobody can give a complete guarantee to that. Allergies are different for everyone. A person could have a different allergic reaction than others. Therefore it would be a good idea to test if you’re allergic before buying a cat. Most breeders recommend visiting a friend or a breeder that have Siberian cats at home to test if you’re allergic. Some breeders recommend sending samples of cat fur via mail to confirm if you have an allergy. We reccomend visiting us personally, because testing your allergy on any other Siberian cats does not guarantee that you are not allergic to our cats, and vice versa, if you are not allergic to our cats, it does not make you immune to all other Siberian cats. Some seriously allergic people said that they could live with Siberians after their first allergic reaction settles.

Are your cats free from Feline Leukemia (FelV) & Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)?

Yes, all our cats were tested on FelV and FIV and all kittens that we send are guaranteed to be free of FelV and FIV.

Are your kittens socialized and friendly?

A cat’s personality is individual to each cat. Some cats can be lap cats, while some cannot. Regardless, all our cats are raised indoors with love and affection. All their life they have been next to their mothers and loving people. We have a big family composed of friendly adults and children. Also in our family we have other pets so they’re not used to just people. As soon as kittens leave their nests, they are free to roam in our house and socialize with everyone. From their birth, they get used to busy household sounds and common human talk and children’s play.

Will I need to sign any contracts or purchase agreements?

Yes, absolutely. Our kittens are sold with a health guarantee. We provide a healthy kitten, but we require certain conditions from the purchaser like: A loving environment, a non-abusing home, and a safe shelter. All the details are listed in the purchase agreement.

What transport methods do you use for transporting kittens/cats?

Obviously the best and less stressful method is just picking up the kitten from our cattery. Nevertheless, we can organize a shipping transfer by air cargo to your most convenient pick-up location. Please be advised, that all shipping and transfer charges are extra.

Are your cats purebreds or are they mixed breeds?

Our cattery owns only purebred Siberian cats. We do NOT participate in crossbreeding and do not mix with Siberian cats with other breeds. All our cats own a pedigree and happen to be the offspring of famous ancestors that showed awesome results on cat shows.

What is the procedure for choosing a kitten?

Firstly, you can choose a kitten via photos taken when they are newborn, 2-3 weeks old, and, 3-4 weeks old. We also respect the people who make their choice by visiting us, and choosing their favorite kitten by personality. To those who want to visit the kittens, we begin to show them after they become 4 weeks old. Before that, we keep the kittens with their mothers at all times for health reasons. After 4 weeks people can see the personalities of the kittens. This is also when the kittens first start communicating with people. Both of these methods allow you to choose the perfect kitten for you, no matter how far away you are. Can I adopt a kitten if he is in an early age (not 12 weeks old)? Sorry, no. The reason for this is so they can spend enough time with their mother, and develop proper behavior. Also this time is needed for them to receive the proper vaccinations and visits to the vets if needed.

Feeding and grooming: How to?

We will supply a bag of food that was fed to the kitten before shipping so the kitten can get used to the new household. In the long run, you can consult with a veterinarian to see what food is right for your kitten, depending on where the kitten will be raised. Remember that good food will make your kitten look good, and keep it at optimum health. Cats do not depend on common bathing, but they require good combing at least once a week. During shedding time, when they replace their fur, we recommend brushing them at least twice a week. We highly recommend having a good scratch pad so your cats can enjoy scratching the scratch pad, not your furniture and clothing. Scratching is part of their natural behavior; it helps them improve the strength of their claws and paws.

Can we visit your cattery before making any decision?

Yes you can. All the visits are strictly by appointments. You have to pay $50 visiting fee before your visit. This fee is not refundable, however, if you decide to purchase a kitten from our cattery you'll be given a discount of $50 from the final price.