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Thank you for your visit to the cattery of Siberian Neva Masquerade cats "Siberian Glory"! Our cattery exists since September 2015, it is registered in the feline system TICA. For several years we have been breeding Siberian color point only - Neva Masquerade cats.

Siberian cats are an important achievement within Russian felines. They are truly amazing animals: beautiful, intelligent, understanding, gentle and affectionate. Throughout the world, they are more and more fans and connoisseurs of our unique Russian breed of cats. The Neva Masquerade cats are to be admire: the chic appearance and blue eyes, and affectionate character, and the highest level of intelligence, and inner nobility and loyalty to the owners, and much more.

Homeland of the breed is city St. Petersburg. The city on the Neva River has always been famous for balls and masquerades. For their dark mask on their faces, they received the name "Neva Masquerade".

The main objective of our cattery is to create a perfect nursery harmonious Siberian Neva masquerade cats, work on securing the right type of Siberian cats and getting top quality, healthy, beautiful and cheerful Siberian kittens with accommodating and loving character, as well as promoting the breed.

The head of the cattery is a blue-tabby point Champion - Caesar Siberian Glory. The cat is young, but very beautiful and promising.

Our Queen - a champion Iolanta Siberian glory, color blue-tabby point.


Blue (Lynx) Tabby Point Our boy has arrived from Moscow, one of the oldest cattery. He's a cat with a capital letter, gentle affectionate, absolutely no conflict. Blue eyes, perfect coat and tail. He emits an extremely low level of Fel-D1.

Excellent pedigree:


Blue (Lynx) Tabby Point with White Color Our beautiful girl. It is elegant, bright and easy snow-white beauty. Large girl with excellent pedigree. She came from Moscow, Russia. Delicate creature in the world that people just loves and begins to purr just from looking at her. She emits an extremely low level of Fel-D1.

Excellent pedigree:

The popularity of the Siberian breed, namely its color point variety is gaining momentum with each passing year. Siberian Neva Masquerade cats have long been a hallmark of Russian felines.

They are large, powerful, strong animals with fluffy fur and big bright blue eyes, trapezoidal muzzle, strong round paws, tail fine pubescent. Fur is fluffy and water-resistant. Neva Masquerade cats, like all Siberian cats, grow and ripen slowly and reach full development at three years. By the nature of this loyal and loving animals, sociable, gentle, good-natured, even-tempered and affectionate. From the Siberian Neva Masquerade ancestors inherited an extraordinary mind, a wonderful character and "Siberian" health. They always meet and take you to be involved in all your affairs. Attachment and devotion to his master make them easy to carry and travel .

The good manners of these animals is legendary. The owners of Neva cats will never have problems with bad behavior. Good manners are genetically fixed. All of the best things in the Siberian breed accumulated in this cat with stunning blue eyes. The color their fluffy coats will not leave anyone indifferent. Neva Masquerade cats - good, with clean energy - for those who love the Russian beauty and appreciate devoted, loving animals.

These harmonious, strong, beautiful, kind, extremely sociable and affectionate animals are winning the hearts of more and more people.

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